How to obtain Statistics of Visits in WordPress

Statistics of Visits in WordPress

Yes you have a blog or another type of Web operating under a system CMS WordPress, exist diverse forms to obtain statistics related to the flow of visitors and the traffic Web of your platform, one of the most known is perhaps the tools of google analytics. But as always it is good for comparing and to have other alternatives today we presented to them to Jetpack, a powerful tool that serves to obtain statistics of visits and traffic Web.
Jetpack is plugin installable of WordPress, that in addition can be adapted and be used easily from tablets, iPads, iPhone€¦ etc
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Analyzing the traffic Web with Jetpack plugin for WordPress

In addition to statistics of flow of visitors, also it owns other characteristics, that make of this plugin a tool very powerful and indispensable for your Blog, thus we will be able to know that articles have been more successful, of where come the visits and towards where go away later.

  • 1. Statistics
    Do separated statistics by pages, entrances, days€¦ Of where come and towards where goes our traffic after visiting our blog? (if we put links in our articles).
    Of which country is our visitors? €¦ etc
    In fact in this aspect, Jetpack is very complete and it does not have anything to envy to google Analytics.
  • 2. Social networks (to share)
    Another one of the things that have fascinated to me of this tool is its facility to connect the accounts of social networks associated to your blog, automatically you can re-publish your entrances of the blog in facebook, twitter, google extra€¦ etc. (it publishes Them right away, not as others apps€¦ that have an enormous retardation.)
    Also I give the possibility us of enclosing to our articles the bellboys €œlikes€ and €œfollow to me€ of the different described social networks previously.
  • 3. Diseccionar traffic by type of user (to share)
    Registered users, subscribers, administrator€¦ whom that saw and etc did each of them€¦
  • 4. Publications from the e-mail
    We can directly publish our articles from our email, as you hear it€¦
  • 5. Acortador de Links
    Acortador of links for all entrances of wordpress, direct, simple and saves a very valuable time to you.
  • 6. Spelling and grammar
    It improves your language and grammar with his service of autocorreci³n.
  • 7. Style and appearance without CSS
    It personalizes the appearance and the style of your blog without touching the CSS.
  • 8. Widget extra and Push notifications
    Him be asked more can something to Jetpack? he is really one of best plugins than I have seen, improves your the social Web, SEO, networks, notifications€¦ etc

In order to install you only must it follow two simple passages from the installer of plugins of the blog, that consist of an association of your account of to your blog

I hope that this article serves to you as help,
A greeting,
By “scar Carrillo