How to create Computer graphics for your Web FREE

Computer graphics Free

The users every time we passed more time of our navigation Web analyzing and classifying the information that we found through Internet. Constantly while we do use of our computer we were with data that make to each other doubt us to read them at that precise moment or for classifying them in favorites later to return with more calm and to see it at great length.

In summary we can say that we spent more time classifying and categorising the interesting entrances that we found, that reading them.

What is Computer graphics?

The computer graphics are born as the action of marketing with visual content, presenting the visual reconnaissance of a way much more comfortable and compressed, therefore the most complex ideas will be represented for the user of a form rather easier to assimilate mixing photography and data.
computer graphics
Computer graphics could be part of an additional image for a post in you blog or webpage, or could be an independent piece of information with little text of support.

Diverse studies demonstrate to us that the users spend more time in their page if he includes more words, in some places dare to give an exact number us of 300 words as minimum number that Google will value to us as acceptable, nevertheless, the user is going to happen most of the time that the design sails by its page, analyzing and looking at the images which is, reason why really finish only approximately reading 25% of the text.

Why to use computer graphics?

The majority when we are in front of the screen we felt persuaded by a purely verbal presentation, and observed that the images in color of computer graphics increase clearly the will to us to initiate a reading.

How to use the computer graphics

The information can appear in text, or accompanied by images, although the best most attractive way and to present the information doubtlessly is through together images and text in the same way within computer graphics. In this way the reader can understand what he is wanted to express without the necessity to use all their reading understanding and of analysis exceeds what this reading. (he needs less effort to understand, to outline and to process the acquired knowledge.

The computer graphics are useful for almost any site Web or blog, you can stick colorful and attractive computer graphics that act as a recruitment tool, to present data of surveys, explain how the things work and compare concepts.

Groups to create creative computer graphics

If you have been convinced of the importance of this new method of presentation of the information, the following step or question that we will become is: where we can create and free attractive computer graphics for my Web?
The first step is to accede to and to create an account free registering to us.

Next we will create a new project and we will give name him:
computer graphics

computer graphics

Later it will leave in screen a menu to us as this from which we only must select: €œcomputer graphics€:
computer graphics

Now we can select the subject of the group with which we want to work to present our information
computer graphics

Within the navigator it will load the application to us Web able to publish the image, through this complete one and intuitive publisher we will be able to work until completing a expecional presentation
computer graphics

Once finished the edition we only must publish the image and maquetarla in our Web.

I hope that this article serves to you as help,
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By “scar Carrillo