Cheap webpages: what are and what they are not

Cheap webpages

Like in all the sectors, in the design Web they also appear the terms: , cheap economic or low COST. Marketing nowadays plays an important role at the time of selling your product, although if we went of the ray with the aggressiveness in the strategy of marketing with total security we will have many problems to prosper in the sector.

First before defining a sale strategy, it is to define that type of clients we want to have, we preferred clients satisfied and faithful to our product, or preferred to have some initial gains created with works trash, and therefore, a string of critics and opinions of the type: €œI was spent 200‚¬ and my Web is not worth for anything, has not given any result me€ (Obvious, because a professional Web does not have that price in the market.).

Each in the end chooses what wants, but I believe that as designers we have the responsibility or the necessity to inform into the differences between a product or another one, mainly if you are a professional and you live on the design Web, surely you will have seen yourself in the situation have to explain which is the difference between a cheap webpage and something decent.

cheap webpages

Web Cheap: What are and what are not?

A cheap Web is:

  • A product on sale with few working hours, therefore is something with misalignments and errors.
  • A Web created without previous strategy, without previous definition of objectives and trip tickets, that is to say, to where and whom we want to arrive.
  • A webpage without future, naturally will only accede to her usuary that they know the URL or through references, links or publicity. The publicity logically is complicated, because a decent site will not connect to a Web €œtruffle€ that it makes €œdesigns€ by 135‚¬.
  • A cheap Web is a client lost, lost and disinformed before and after realising its project.
  • Econ­mica result of Web = 0. A cheap Web has as result = 0, not only visually if not in terms of: organization, structure and contents.
  • Generally it counts on contents of little quality as far as images and text, or they even can be plagiarized, therefore be penalized by the algorithm of google.

A noncheap Web is:

  • In theory it must be a project with enough more used working hours
  • He is something organized and clean
  • It is a project created with more desire and illusion
  • It is a work where the designer more is implied, since the budget is greater, and the money moves mountains, we are realistic: Messi would not strive if it gained half than it wins, ajam ajam€¦
  • It is a webpage with:
    • Structure
    • Contents
    • Popularity
  • The contents by general norm are of more quality, bought images and grammarly correct texts.
  • It is a Web with more possibility of success and conversion.

Cheap budget of Web

I do not want to be too hard, simply I show a screenshot to you, an image is worth more than thousand words.
cheap webpages

Cheap in the end it leaves expensive

As you can observe in the image, in the end cheap it leaves expensive, not only as far as results, if not€¦ that a so aggressive strategy of marketing cannot be to anybody satisfied. Not even can the one that is made call €œdesigner Web€ be happy (I imagine, unless you only have a mobile for the work and no client knows where to locate€¦ jejeje to you, he would be something as well as does to live in look for and captures no? , in aim€¦)

To whom to offer a cheap Web

selection of people
The market commands, and existing this the only thing that the professionals we can do in my opinion he is the following thing:
1. To explain the client what is and what it is not a cheap Web.
2. To make run to the client on the objectives of its project, and if really it thinks that it is going them to obtain with this type of product or no.

If even so they want an economic Web, €œbill€ exists this option of €œmarketing rather less€ than the previous option:
1. To segment: You are SME, entrepreneur or new company? Good only in case I have this option low COST for you.
Obvious for reputation companies it is not worth the trouble to supply this product, in my opinion while less works of this type we do better for all.

2. To define the marketing strategy: We reduce the price of the product, but in that case for example no longer we offer including in the price details as hosting, and can give the possibility of having hosting external to ours.

3. You want something economic: Then it collaborates! , we cannot give the possibility that the content of the Web creates it the same client, although is very recommendable either.

4: To make him feel badly: €œIf you choose this type of Web we do not include you in our catalogue and we do not sign the Web on the footer€, this is hardest to listen, you will make feel to the person a little humiliated and stingy, Eye with this because they are possible to be only pillaged an enormous bounce€¦ is recommendable for cases in which you suspect that the client can give more, the project is worth the trouble really, and the yield in case it decides to do €œprofessional Web€ will be successful surely for both parts.

I hope not to have hurt the feelings of anybody, sometimes the truths make damage, although all that we are professional we must recognize that we have happened in certain way through stages similar to these, and also must respect the methods of certain people who are home in the profession. Although if already you take to time doing this the thing then changes enough.
What you think?

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