8 Advice to viralizar content in social Networks

All person who takes to a time in the world of the Blogging and Marketing online knows that there are two clear objectives when you publish a post: to viralizar the publication in social networks and to position that article in the finder, being both things closely related.
If you do not obtain these objectives which you have written and the energy that you have dedicated will fall in the forgetfulness and you will have only secured of him a few direct entrances to your Blog the same day that you published it and you shared in social Networks, that is to say, bread for today hunger for morning, the objective clearly is in securing to the perfect practice and execution of Viral Marketing.

A Blogger that does not fulfill these two objectives will not be successful, since only of the traffic direct Web we cannot subsist, therefore in this post we are going to explain some advice to viralizar content in Social Networks. Most comfortable and efficient in these cases it is to publish with head and later to hope that our entrances expand for being able to work completely in the following publication, in this way we will win in personal yield, time, energy, positioning and followers and reputation in social Networks.
to viralizar content

Practice of viral Marketing and to viralizar our content

  • 1. It creates a title that it attracts
    Sometimes it turns out quite complicated to hit the nail on the head, but when DAS€¦ sounds to him completely! Still he is more complicated to mix a title that hooks the user and who in addition satisfies the requirements SEO, this more than a technique already becomes an art.
  • 2. Plugins social networks
    Good east step is rather simpler than the previous one, is recommendable to install plugin that marks a fast access €œto share€ in the different social networks, we must have two things in account: that plugin does not see in areas that can obstruct the reading, and therefore the user experience, and the following point is that we use only and exclusively the social networks that work to us.
  • 3. It takes care of the appearance
    Posts pampers the details in your, you do not put images reescaladas to a greater size of the original one and that is pixeladas, if you can allow you loses 5 minutes in looking for something decent and that it has a direct relation with the content that is being to expose.
    If you need help here you have:
    Free free images of author rights
    Finders of images free
  • 4. Posts updates your
    Something that reduces reputation and credibility enough is the broken links in publications, or the out of phase content. It tries to maintain updated posts, although personally I recognize that it gives laziness enough.
  • 5. It transmits
    It tries to write transmitting feelings, counting something personal of you and your enriching experience. In this way the readers will be able to feel identified and this he is one of the most important points so that they end up sharing and viralizando the content published in social networks. You think: €œthis has happened to me, I am going to share it because of course it is right all of the world€¦€, Prize! dingggg dinggg!
  • 6. Call to the action
    personally I like to finish to my articles doing a call to the action, as for example, what you think? , you can participate and share in social networks
  • 7. It publishes to the precise hours and days
    If you have tools that help you, you will be able to observe that days, hours and in which social networks the content is more prone to viralizar.
  • 8. It sees warming up the furnace
    Perhaps this last one is the best advice of all, if you have a great idea you do not loosen it at that precise moment, better sees warming up the furnace with others posts related to be attracting usuary that they like that thematic one, and finally when you feel that the furnace is calentito releases the pump! And later feel to you and you enjoy the increase of your traffic Web thanks to the viralizaci³n of contents in social networks.


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