How to create a good structure of internal liaisons to improve the Positioning

How to create a good structure of internal liaisons to improve the Positioning

At the precise moment in that it is born a new project Web we have to develop and to discern calmly what is going to be the structure of internal liaisons that we are going to create, the type of Architecture Web is very important to classify the contents, as they connect, and as it is acceded to them.


Aspects to consider on the internal liaisons:

  • The internal liaisons are the internal page connections of ours site, if they are not generated adequately our Web loses value and authority.
  • The internal liaisons help to improve the Positioning but the really important thing of them is that they are used and they been necessary at the time of improving the experience of user in our Web, that is to say, guide the user to sail correctly.

    A confused user sailing by our Web is a lost and bewildered user who surely will be lain down plagues of us, whereas a user oriented and correctly guided in his navigation is happy of life and returns.

Developing a correct architecture of internal liaisons for Google and the end user:

  • Page of home
    It must have links to more popular and demanded products or services, and in addition to the supplies or promotions.
  • Links from the home page
    Links to the categories of products, where we will be able to find the different categories and their description, prices€¦ etc and of I connect there to different products.
  • Page of products
    With all the necessary information and the call to visible the good action (it could be the option to buy). Also it is important to offer in this page I connect to other products available, in case the one that is being at that precise moment to not interests the user him and needs some alternative.
  • Categories
    With connections to the home page.

With this strategy which we are realising is a simple way for the user, so that it can sail comfortably, arriving at the supplies, products€¦ and if it does not like a product will be able to see other that convince more to him€¦ etc. We will improve the dwell time in the Web, the index by ricochet and mainly the possibility that the client buys.

I hope that this article serves to you as help,
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By “scar Carrillo