To secure to Traffic Web for my Blog

The question of million this here: How To secure to Traffic Web for my Blog? , the answer is not as complicated as you hope, I will not speak to you of the typical thing: Heads, H1, adjustments SEO, Goal labels, put structures€¦
We are going to be clear and concise, in my opinion and with the last algorithms of Google, there are Webs that need all these adjustments, but certain Blogs do not depend vitally on this, can survive and catch traffic of quality of much more simple form, although if you reunite to force, budget and personnel to work all the aspects, it is clear that it will be far better.

The Answer to the question where I can find traffic of quality for my Web is the following one:
In your Own Articles and nowhere more


How To write a good Article?

The Title (Hook)
The article title is most important, by my experience writing in blogs and the later analysis of the traffic, I have seen that the title is vital, and in addition is very complicated to guess right with him, first that we make when seeing a publication is to read the holder, if it does not have hook we do not have anything to do, since the user will not click, and what he has written inside will give equal, as if you have the verse Bible.

Sometimes I have written a good article with very bad numbers with respect to the generated traffic, several weeks later I have retaken, I changed it the title and it I have returned to publish in the social networks, the obtained result has been spectacular: One of the most read and commented of the Blog. (€œWhich is the acceptable Price of €, €œTo educate the Client? or To educate to us same? €)

The Image
The following aspect that takes importance after reading a title is the image that goes associate to him. The image must be in good quality, being attractive, to be related to the content and mainly that is original, if you can you do purchase of images because in the long run the investment in addition to avoiding problems to you with author rights is worth the trouble. In this aspect I confess that I have put the leg until the bottom not having done it from the home, and now have much work ahead altering each post.

The Content
After seeing the title, to look at the image, the following thing is the reading of our article. In the first place as general aspects to say that we will omit abrupt changes of sources in our publications, and mainly we will avoid illegible texts, it is necessary to have a little empathy, and to recognize when an article that you write is a roll to read until for same you.

The best advice than I can give and most important of this section it is: YOU DO NOT WRITE TO WRITE, this is the most common error. Sometimes we see the news and we rewrote it as parrots, or we take technical contents that the user can find in wikipedia and we put them in a Post, and why? for nothing, to anybody it interests that content to him.
It looks for content that demonstrates your knowledge, but mixes it with your personal experience, and offers to the reader something so that one feels identified and it can think and comprise of a Feedback and a feedback between writer and reader.

The Key of the success is the FEELING
When we wrote with feeling and we expressed emotions notices the difference, so that we are going to write as machines if until the algorithms of Google they understand and already they interpret the language of natural form. He is always better to write thinking about the adressee.
Example: if a musician creates a love song and he is not inspired by anybody, he will not be successful absolutely. Then if we extrapolated that example to the one of a blog, it is more of the same.

Conclusion: What you create that it had stayed better as title for this Post:
opci³n1: How to write a good article in my Blog.
opci³n2: To secure to Traffic Web for my Blog.

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