How To spy on information on the Competition

Usually we want to know data and new information on our competition in Internet, home by its name of domain:

  • Who is the creator
  • In which date bought the domain and when its purchase expires
  • Which is the geolocalizaci³n of its lodging Web
  • Who is the supplier of his hosting
  • Who solves requests dns
  • Whatever host has mounted in that name of domain
  • If it has more Webs mounted on that servant (IP)€¦ etc.

spy on-competition

The reasons to want to find out these data can be varied, which if it is clear is that if we compared information with them (whenever we take as reference a good competition and in height) we can reach fast conclusions and grow more and better in the network. We will put an example: We imagine that we have a Web with contents multimedia as videos in streaming, our platform walks very heavy and slow because the Web server is remaining us short and the latency is unbearable.

With these simple shown steps next we could take as reference to our competition and knowledge where they have contracted the lodgings, yes has more of host for the load of videos€¦ etc.

    He is a commando who creates a request to a data base of a servant WHOIS, with information of all the existing names of domain, we can execute it from the terminal of linux or webpages that incorporate this function as for example:
    here we can observe an extract of the WHOIS of
    More extended the WHOIS it can give to information as telf and the email us of the creator, his dns, the company that there is behind and where it is registered.
  • IP:
    Once we know the data on the domain would be good for knowing under that public interface of IP acts, for it we go to a terminal linux or mac or cmd of Windows and executed: ping nombrededominio
    The answer of the commando gives back the IP to us.
  • Nslookup
    The commando nslookup solves the request to us to know the domain through the IP vice versa and.
    In the image we see as it solves the request with the DNS of Ono (my supplier of Internet).
  • Geolocalizaci³n
    We can resort to many Webs that incorporate this functionality among them I show this same one to you: Geolocalizaci³n IP
    As we see in the figure solves the request to us of wikipedia in the United States, although I warn that the servant can physically be in a certain site and its virtual geolocalizaci³n can be another one, this is a service that many companies of hosting offer. In these cases some geolocalizadores would give to the real location and others us the virtual one.
  • Host
    The commando host that I know is not including in the Windows versions with which I operate, so I go away to a terminal linux or mac and execute the commando of the following form: volume as example to, so that you see the following thing:
    We appreciate in the image that the commando host solves all the servers to us of which they belong to forward edge, that is to say when we put in navigator anyone of these can be the one that shows the Web to us of google in our screen. In addition we see that all belong to the same you go of network. Very either google€¦ you have it or mounted, from we see all your potential here jeje.
  • IP: (bing)
    Bing shows this function that google does not have, so we went to the finder of bing we executed IP:
    As result shows the domain names to us that act under this IP
    When executing this function with the supposed IP of wikipedia solves this to us: the domain of wikipedia, the subdomains of wikipedia and€¦.a URL of Peugeot? But this that is? I have remained checked€¦ in short, I do not have explanation for this, each that thinks what wants.
  • With these simple commandos of network we can obtain very valuable data, if you have liked this article on: How To spy on information on the Competition, to share it in the social networks, Gracias

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