Creative groups for Curriculum vitae

Creative groups Curriculum vitae

We have the work that we have, and work on another's account for we ourself or, we will need to maintain our curriculum vitae totally updated, and while more creative and perfected it is, better than better. The difference at the time of securing a job can be a simple glance of the one in charge or human resources to a curriculum that draws attention by their style, its design, its appearance and the organization of the contents within him.
Generally the people who stare at hundreds of curriculum vitae to the week, exhaustive do not read each of them, if that the process is rather simpler, which usually do not do is to select a few of which they draw attention in a first look, by his cleaning, its design€¦ etc.

A curriculum done in Word is very seen, and it does not draw attention. By very perfected that is the contents in him, surely nonpass the first sieve, therefore and although us of laziness we must put hands to us to the work if we want to have some possibility to find the wished job more. Naturally the success of a curriculum does not depend to the 100% on the design, but it is certain that in many occasions at the time of elaborating a CB we do not know by where to begin, we have doubts and really we do not know that applications or groups exist to elaborate curricula that can help us.

Next I show a series of groups and programs to create creative a curriculum vitae, among them there is Curriculum in HTML and applications she stops to create online a curriculum:

Groups Free HTML Curriculum vitae

If you have some knowledge in Web, we will be able to present our CB in format HTML, indicating the URL of the site, or also we will be able to turn the HTML to pdf before printing.
Creating a HTML for our CB gives the possibility us of being able to structure it and to thoroughly design it, typography, arrangement of contents, listings€¦ etc.

Unloading Soles Curriculum vitae

Model of group HTML for curriculum of structured content.
it soles curriculum vitae

Unloading Soles Curriculum vitae

Connection to direct unloading of a model HTML of curriculum vitae with listings
it soles HTML curriculum

To unload Curriculum HTML

Design of clean and simple curriculum
it soles HTML curriculum

To unload Curriculum vitae HTML and PSD

Wonderful group that includes file PSD. A creative design for our CB
curriculum psd and HTML

Programs Online to generate Vitae Curriculum


Gratuitous tool to generate Curriculum that we will have accessible through one app movable, navigating Web or even through a video youtube.
curriculum online


It allows to create a Curriculum based on our profiles of social networks as linkedin or facebook, in addition we will be able to publish later these data manually.
curriculum online

It creates a CB in computer graphics way, is simple and attractive, but it owns few options to personalize.
curriculum online

Like the previous tool also creates CB in the form of computer graphics, and allows us to personalize but criteria and styles that the previous one.
curriculum online


Good tool online to create a more or less showy curriculum, you only must accede to the Web, and without needing registering to you, an funny assistant will guide to you step by step to create your curriculum online and to be able to unload it to your computer in pdf.
curriculum online


Unlike the previous commented tool, expressCV requires of a registry in its webpage to be able to create our curriculum, next in only 3 steps you will have ready the document to print or to unload.


From the well-known social network Linkedin we can export the data that we have in its Web in format in pdf in seconds.
With the help of images and videos we will be able to create wonderful and showy portfolio, that it will surprise those who our curriculum reads

Groups of payment for Vitae Curriculum (6‚¬-10‚¬)

Here you can see we give and to his source code obvious them, you can buy the groups, or you can see and use this code as guide to make your own curriculum in HTML.

CB Tempers Praxis to you

creative curriculum

Cupertino CB HTML

curriculum in HTML

CB HTML summarizes timeline

curriculum in HTML

You found what you looked for? Some CB that you have liked? You think that these tools will improve your curriculum to have more possibilities?
Intention to that you leave a commentary you in this post and you share it in the social networks.

I hope that this article serves to you as help,
A greeting,
By “scar Carrillo