It filters your clients and it gains yield and energies

It filters your clients and it gains yield and energies

The energies that a person has are limited, and the power to conserve them so really it is worth the trouble is a gift that all the people do not own. This advice costs to take it to end, and by all means not only he works for professionals of the design, development Web and SEO, if that can also have validity for almost any activity of our daily life, in that we do not set out to be successful.

So that a concrete activity is successful, we depend to a large extent on the percentage of energy and concentration that we reserve for her.

It takes care of your rules and it measures your efforts

One of the first rules that personally I have so that my daily work is successful, is to measure each apex of energy that cost. By all means it is very important my to establish a logical order in the efforts that I realise, since although it seems something evident, me has cost a considerable time to give account me of which I am of meat and bone, and that therefore the excessive work, or to conduct battles that do not touch, can end up passing invoice and harming the daily yield of my work and my life.

One of the first internal norms that I have is not to go to the office or address of possible clients, since for years I have not had very good sensations nor results with these experiences.

It avoids bad drinks

For some days receipt a call of a person interested in our services, and although I have been knowing it rather clearly and as I already shelp €œnot I it likes to go to appointments outside the office€€¦ finally I had a little while of weakness and I yielded in the possibility of seeing us in its place of work.
badly client
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Once there, and without entering much detail the conversation it is normal, even receipt flatteries by publications done in my personal blog, which is very rewarding for my.

But he is next when another person enters the office and the conversation, accompanied by a crude language and negative expositions on the SEO, and everything what has relation with renewing the present Web, something that surprises to me enough, since I am not who put interest in arranging an appointment to renew his project, if not just the other way around, which by all means makes me feel quite uncomfortable.
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My position in these cases is the one of not using too much effort in trying to convince to anybody, I like that the clients who ask for services previously are convinced, or at least that the attitude before realising a collection of information or proposal is sufficiently positive.

It is then when it is asked for to me to realise a €œproposal of budget€, that includes a listing of all the errors of the present project, and how to solve them as a Proposal of design Web without cost some, that is to say, a document that explains failures and solutions step by step, in addition to reinforce this request, comments to me: €œhere you have 3 pamphlets of 3 different companies that this study and proposal of gratuitous way have realised us, we will choose the best one of all of them for the accomplishment of our project€.


  • You do not leave flatteries them of another person towards you make think you differently, sometimes all this can comprise on an attempt of distortion of the reality
  • Sometimes there are people who seem to show an interest, but the reality is that they only looked for to extract and to collect to transmit it to one third person
  • An individual that receives proposals in its office comfortably sometimes is more than suspicious, if it rises and it walks at least until your office, it means that it is using part of its energy in knowing and looking for something you of interesting information, in that case already you will be able to value freely what information and knowledge deserve to receive.
  • It saves efforts and energy, will save many headaches to you and they will as well help you to be a professional and personal most successful.

How it would do the my work step by step cannot be included in a gratuitous budget, and to do it would have it major price that the work in himself.

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