How to increase the income being independent

How to increase the income being independent

To be independent in Spain is not simple, although if you live in Madrid considers you lucky, since in this 2015 and with the aim of impelling the independent use, you will be able to request help:

  • 5.000‚¬ by each contract that you realise an unemployed
  • 2.800‚¬ for the expenses of opening for a new business

If you do not live in Madrid, you can occur with a song in the teeth, because in addition to not existing help, you will have enough problems: the IVA, the personal income tax, the difficulty to claim tax relief the IVA of the invoices of the expenses, the highest present independent quota of€¦ etc.

With all this problematic one it is not other than to tighten the belt and to concentrate themselves in fulfilling the following advice who probably help to increase your income you as independent.

income as independent
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Advice to survive being independent

  • The first money and soon the invoice
    It creates a budget previously, and in case of being accepted it hopes the entrance of the same later to send the invoice. You will listen clients to say: €œI need the invoice to do the entrance to you! €, but they ten well-taken care of with this. It remembers that invoice that leaves your hands, invoices of which you will have to pay IVA, whether they end up it to you paying as if no.
  • The greatest collections better by transference than domiciled
    If you use the domiciled collection, well-taken care of with him, you never use it without a contract of by means, since they can give back the receipt until several weeks after passing it through the bank.
    Imagine to you that you domicile the collection of the work of accomplishment of a webpage in two parts, next you finish the Web and give back receipts! Oh€¦

    On the other hand we have the transferences, remembers that a banking transference normally can be cancelled before the 48 hours to be realised.

  • It tries to buy products or services with his invoice
    Many pages and portals Web in Internet sell their services and use I devise not to offer the invoice to you, not to mention freelancers that scared by the high prices of the quotas of independent present does not register, and therefore they do not realise the corresponding invoices.

    It as far as possible tries to contract to services or purchase of products of which they can do an invoice to you that in the long run serves you to claim tax relief. Although with the present situation it is quite complicated and you will have search many alternatives until finding the suitable formula.

  • It makes profitable your time and schedule
    Yet this above, in addition you will have to make profitable your schedule and your energy before clients who will make you lose forces and will be relaxing to you of your daily workings of work.
  • If you have work raises the prices
    It remembers that in case of closing you do not have right to unemployment, upon which you undertake as independent with the idea to create work and opportunity of business€¦ in case of problems you lose everything.
    Be used to in this way raising prices to you in times in which you have a good job queue, and if the strategy is good, you will be able to make level entrance-expenses.
  • It invests a percentage of the benefits
    When you see yourself with money in the hand you do not save it everything, be used to you reinverting part of the money that desire, this assures the continuity your business as independent. T-shirt, calling cards, publicity, electronics, a new printer€¦ what you really see that it is necessary.


If you have the problem to enter a bad dynamics sharpens the senses, because to skinny dog everything is fleas.

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