Working a SEO Responsable

Working a SEO Responsable

I will begin this post mentioning an obviousness: In Internet we have published too much information on SEO (and in addition little organized), like it happens with other thematic ones, this can end up bringing about basic confusion and errors in many users.

It is necessary to have well-taken care of with the sources of where we collect the data, and by all means we must be more careful still where we applied the new acquired knowledge.
If we do not have too much experience in SEO the best thing will be to put it in practice in €œprojects of taken care of test€, that is to say, with working on a domain and only testing all in him, because sooner or later we will end up crushing the test tube.

Where to find trustworthy information on SEO

The only trustworthy place to the 100% to find trustworthy information in SEO is the directives of Google.
That it is divided as well in:

  • Directives for webmasters
  • Directives of content
  • Directives of quality

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How to guarantee that contract a SEO Responsable?

In order to know that the person who contract at the moment is working a SEO Responsable we must consider the following questions:

  • To ask references of its previous works as SEO
  • Experience and variety of projects, a small project that begins from 0, which projects of websites with great amount of content, in that is not the same you have begun to work when site already had a reputation and an antiquity. The SEO of both is completely different.
  • Technical what SEO you use, which is the strategy adapted for the project that we have ahead.
  • Offered extra services, you know SEO but, and what more? , it is important to contract professional with experience in systems, design, development€¦ etc. This allows to have a vision more global than it works.
  • It is very important to detail the communication channel of the information during the work of the SEO, that is to say, how they are going away to transmit the modifications and advances between professional and client. Here problems and differences can arise if the budget is low, since to create documentation it requires of time and hours. Logically if we spent the hours of the work in doing documents€¦ end up to us reducing valuable hours for the rest of tasks.

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The confidence in a responsible SEO

A responsible SEO has to gain the confidence of its clients, first it is to be sincere in the terms of estimation in which the results and objectives will begin to shape themselves.
By all means in SEO results cannot be guaranteed, although yes we can work and invoice in fixed way + variable, reserving the variables for the case that €œmore complicated€ objectives are fulfilled.
In addition it always distrusts of professionals who sell the SEO as a strategy of Links and content, and by all means rejects Agencies not asked for advertising SEO that is dedicated to send emails.

The best form to know if we are dealing with a responsible SEO is observing if very it is occupied in his work, as a rule a good SEO has own projects and important clients, so it is probable that enough it is occupied.

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