The Visual Maquetador for WordPress

Articles back, some ago month, I myself spoke of the importance of the new tendencies as far as design and development Web, and it positioned me in the opinion of which the new development tools Web (plugins), could be a danger for the profession in if of the developer Web.

Today, some months later, I retract of what has been shelp, far from his first WordPress homes have evolved very many, and now we can consider it a CMS in all rule. If we are going to develop theme or acquired it of some Web of purchase of premium Themes WordPress, his it is to acquire it along with the Visual Maquetador. The maquetador is an essential tool that it will allow to mainly maquetar and to develop us our WordPress of much more fast way and with a spectacular visual appearance, that will not leave indifferent the user.

Visual Maquetador for wordpress

The resulting designs of the Visual Maquetador for WordPress are much more minimalist and attractive, in addition this tool almost adapts to the thousand wonders with all the themes that you buy or you develop. I really believe that it is the only way to create a Project Professional Web without depending on a work party of 10 people, really the working hours summary enough.

Advantages of the Visual Maquetador:

. the faster Web weapon.
. proven and testeada reliability
. possibility of increasing the benefits

Disadvantages of the Visual Maquetador:

. not by the visual maquetador, but one is theme WordPress bought surely you must put you in the source code of the group of the corresponding page and alter certain aspects for the SEO, as h1 repeated in the same page or things of the sort and even to modify some shortcodes to your pleasure.
. if plugin of the visual maquetador of the Web fails, this will not be suitably. So that our Web is already operative we needed services httpd, mysql and in addition the correct operation to plugins, logically to more factors but possibility is of error and fall of the service.
. if you are going to depend on many plugins for the operation of your WordPress, surely it is not worth hosting to you anyone, nor a VPS, you will need a more or less acceptable dedicated servant able to solve quickly tant­simas at the same time requests of the data base.

As conclusion to say you for those who you have not proven it, that alleviates much not to have to prick source code from zero, and as far as design to only say that the results are quite attractive and between the majority of users usually causes enough more rage. Also if you do not have economy or time to develop a Web from zero or to create an attractive design you have the solution here to conjugate everything in one and to obtain a result than more satisfactory.

I include connection to the visual maquetador to which I make reference in this post and to another gratuitous one:
Composer line of vision

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By “scar Carrillo