Design Freelance Web

Design Freelance Web

One of the main dilemmas as much for designers as for agencies/design companies Web at present is if they must focus his objective public and his methodology of work as designers freelance Web or as design agencies.

The presence that is generated in both cases and the form to work of both is totally different. If we spoke of agencies/design companies normally the tendency is to work in designs and developments to size, whereas if we named the word design freelance Web, internally we thought that one is a freelance person who develops themes/groups under WordPress or other CMS that allows him to advance to an efficient and fast working cycle the more in their deliveries, although obvious can also exist freelance that they even work to size or that is dedicated on sale of themes.

design freelance Web
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At this moment each named case previously has its own target of clients defined, and the design companies are many that modify their strategy of sale/marketing, and already supply their services as Freelance, with the intention to catch to this type of clients, which they perhaps look for a design freelance Web, with the suspicion that they will have to less pay by the same amount/quality of work.

Pros and cons of Diseo Freelance Web

    The Contras:
  • Errors of freelance:
    If you are within this €œwork model€ you will have to learn of the errors that you yourself comets, and a good advice if you are designer freelance Web is to communicate to you often with whom they are within your sector, this way will advance better and commit less errors.
  • The constant search of clients:
    To being freelance and not to have company that endorses to you (since the company in this case you are you yourself), the search of a suitable portfolio of clients will be one of immediate goal to obtain, and by all means the task Of securing to design clients Web you will have it to develop along with the rest of technical works that you realise.
    In addition in case outside little, you will have to be always pending of the clients, at the same time as you develop your true work.
  • Exigencies of the clients:
    As a rule, and although certainly exceptions exist, a freelance one receives major exigency on the part of the clients, since for them it turns out simpler to protest, to demand and to tighten to a freelance one that not to an agency.
  • The collections:
    Normally many designers freelance Web give the work, and soon they receive (if God wants). Whereas for an agency it is very complicated that to realise a delivery without before demanding the closing of the signed contract and its corresponding collection.
  • Respect:
    My personal opinion is that it costs more to be made respect as freelance, and make merit your work. You feel that always you must demonstrate the maximum, and the car level exigency is very superior, and so direct and gradually the personal power wearing down also is worn away.
  • You choose to your clients:
    One of the advantages of being designer freelance Web it is that you can choose your own clients (if the economy allows it to you). You do not have because to swallow with a head who imposes conditions to you in which you do not agree.

    If you are organized and you know or you learn the treatment well that you must have with the clients (and you put professional barriers), you could be much more calm. Although this aspect I believe that there is to work it to be able much to end up obtaining it.

  • You choose your place of work
    You can work from house, coworking, a small office€¦.etc. I personally advise to this type of professionals to work from a comfortable place, with space, luminous, and where they can make specific appointments with clients in the case of being necessary and to be related to other people in the day to day (and to even create synergies with them).
  • If you look for you find or they find you:
    Many clients look for freelance personnel specifically, this sector has its market and his target well-defined. It is complicated that great agencies of the sector of the design and the development Web can put hand here, since the client looks for a specific profile so that she develops to his project under some conditions different from which an agency Web can offer to him.
  • Results and income without limit:
    If you work for a company under contract your work has a fixed price, whereas as freelance you can work without limit to gain whatever you want or whatever you can. Eye with this because it can be a weapon of double edge, and you can finish exhausted not to have worked under an organization and suitable strategy. The avarice breaks the coat. I recommend the post to you exceeds How to increase the income being independent.
  • Limitless areas and competitions:
    You can extend the areas in which you work commonly without having to change of job, is another one of the advantages of being designer freelance Web.

Resources for designers Freelance Web

Here I include a pair of recommendations where you will be able to buy themes/groups for your works, and in addition you will be able to raise and to sell your subjects in its stores.



As conclusion, with the work of freelance major can be obtained freedom and money, as long as you have a greater automatic control than beams. The organization and you rule have to be clear from the home. On the other hand, the exigency of a designer freelance Web by general norm is much greater.

Which is your opinion on the design freelance Web?

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