Synology tricks out of machine

Synology Time machine Nas for Mac

As we commented in the previous chapter exists an option than satisfactory to realise document backup copies, devices, projects Web€¦ in your Nas for office. With your hard disk in network and access to him through Internet, everything he will be more comfortable and in addition you will be able out of danger to have your copies in a physical location different from the one from the rest of devices (imacs, macbooks€¦ etc).

In this post concretely we will show step by step as mounting your Nas for Mac, through a device synology and backup copy the program of Mac Time Machine.

Nas tricks out of machine with synology DS214+
Or, we are with our Mac in a determined location, and the NAS we have it working in another different place in a different local area network, in our house, another office or where it is.
We want to make backup copy with Time Machine of ours iMac in the hard disk NAS that online and is connected at those moments. The steps to follow for the configuration of this Time Machine copy with Nas are the following:

  • To form the access to the Nas through Internet:
    As we explained in the post previous, we must form the Nas for office, in some brief and simple steps we will have it ready to operate in our local ¡real network, and the following thing will be the configuration to be able to accede remotely to him.
    home synology

    Once realised the configuration first step, we will accede through navigating Web to the panel of administration of ours synology, entering the IP previously assigned to the device:
    door connects synology nas

  • To form the external access
    Within the panel synology we will accede to the connectivity section, and already will form in the first place the external access, and secondly quickconnect
    connectivity access synology
    Now we have assigned a name of domain for the public IP under which synology is connected our NAS, and so we can happen to the following step.

    We qualify quickconnect
    name host synology

  • To qualify sending back of ports of router to the NAS
    Now we will accede to the panel of administration of router where is connected our NAS synology, and will resend the port AFP 548 in UDP and TCP aiming at the deprived IP of our associated local area network to the NAS, in my case.
    quickconnect nas

  • port afp synology tricks out of machine
  • Remote access
    First if we are going to make backup copy of ours mac with Time machine in a hard disk online (our NAS), we must go to the section €œto connect the servant€ of our menu to finder in mac and to connect themselves through name of domain assigned external on the part of ours quickconnect.
    to connect the servant

    Now we introduce the name quickconnect:
    nas tricks out of machine

    Now logeamos us with the opportune credentials in our NAS, and we selected the destiny directory that to mount to realise the Time machine in NAS:
    login nas

    And to finalize we go to Time machine and we selected disc NAS as copy destiny:
    machine with nas tricks out of

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