NAS for Office Synology DS214+

Device NAS for Office Synology DS214+

Certainly in more than an occasion to all it has happened to us that there are lost data important not to realise backup in time programmed, loss of data Webs, documentation of invoices, budgets€¦ etc. The blush that comes after this type of events is more than pronounced, and the remorse and the frustration by to have realised a backup copy programming are not evident.

A perfect tool is a Nas for office or house, that can help to maintain our backup copies us programmed to the day is a NAS (network area storage), in that to be able to save our data online (servers, Webs€¦) and offline (office documents).

Home NAS for office Synology DS214+

Recently I acquired this beautiful device of the brand synology, the DS214+:
synology ds214+
The truth that very I am surprised of its incredible simplicity in the home, in which as soon as you need knowledge in networks to leave formed it and working.
With respect to its hardware to only say that he is quiet and that in addition allows to remove both hard disks in the heat of the moment, really practitioner.

Its home is the following one:

  • 1. To ignite the device
  • 2. To open to a navigating Web of a computer or device connected to the same local area network that the Synology
  • 3. To write one of these two URLS in our navigating Web:
    b) diskstation: 5000 (of factory already come with this hostname and 5000 port assets, on which its service of administration panel works.
  • 4. Next quick will begin a very simple configuration and start and home.

Utilities NAS Synology DS214+

The fan of utilities and possibilities that you can find in this tool is very I extend, once we form it correctly also we will be able to accede to him through Internet (outside our local area network).
I right now am using it for backup copies of the Time Machine of all the iMacs, simply opening to the port afp 548 of router where she is installed the NAS, and resending this port until the IP she fixes private of the Synology. With this simple configuration I can realise backups of Time machine (program of backups by I defecate in MAC) of remote way.

In addition also I use as destiny and servant of backup copies in FTP of all Web servers, thus I maintain backup wordpress of each and every one of the Webs in which we worked, thus being able to offer guaranteed and external a service of backup copies. So that if the office were burned, or the data center where they lodge the servers interrupted his service, I I could raise to the services from a safe location thanks to a second backup than more satisfactory with nas synology ds214+.

In following the post I will explain step by step as to realise the programmed backup copy Time Machine of remote form with the NAS, that is to say, imac in the office and the NAS in another different location outside this local area network.

Alternative What to the NAS utilizais you?

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