How to improve the Positioning Web

How to improve the Positioning Web

Habitually it is written much as much for good as for evil on the Positioning Web in Finders. Posts are typical on Errors common in the Positioning Web SEO, although in this article concretely we are going to concentrate in the positive aspects that more benefit the SEO from a Web, and will leave to a little side the negative point of view.

By all means that is important not to commit errors in SEO, but when we reinforced our search engine optimization with a good work, the rest whenever he is not too serious, will be able to be corrected with the help of a professional consultant accompanied by a few readjustments in your Web.

to improve positioning Web
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Advice to improve the Positioning Web

  • He reviews the history of your domain
    If you try to improve your positioning and there is no way, sometimes it happens that we bought names of domain with a file not very good, and that in spite of your Google attempts he will take in modifying and removing from his black lists, for example Webs that have been in the past farms of connections, possessing of malware, or simply webpages with very aggressive strategies of connections that do not allow to an effective cleaning in the tool of cleaning of connections disavow of webmaster tools.

    In order to assure us that us it is happening something similar, I make your available this tool Web that allows us to know complete history a domain name in the space-time:
    History of a Web
  • Happen to you from time to time through webmaster tools
    A look throws to errors 404 of webmaster tools, sometimes corrections of as simple problems as this they can elevate your positioning in a matter of days gradually.
    errors to webmaster tools
  • Metric defined in Analytics
    If you have a blog in the /blog directory separates it in analytics, presets realises some suitable to segment the visualization of the traffic. Aspects badly worked as this they can give rise to errors or confusions in your strategy.
  • It balances your traffic Web
    You must balance the traffic of your Web between the main page and the rest of main pages, is no an exact formula to exactly calculate the percentage, since to a large extent it depends on the number of important pages in contents and authority within site and of the structure and strategy marked for elli, to which logically you had to give major forces and rank stops to page Home (by the subject of the Juice Link).
    In any case, assure to you that a high percentage of your direct and organic traffic enters directly by the Home.
  • Anchor text in BackLinks
    Whenever you can balances the text of the external liaisons towards your Web. The USA in a greater percentage the anchor text with the name of the Brand, that prevails over the anchor text with the keyword, approximately 65%-35%.

    Also you can do it within the structure of internal liaisons, since if you yourself nonDAS importance to your Brand, Google by all means will not do it either. First you have to be famous in your own house, before outside on the street they can know you, you do not create?

  • Without haste with backlinks
    You do not run with the external liaisons, mant©n the calm and slowly creates them with the passage of the months, if you abuse€¦.surely you fail.

Errors in nonexcusable Positioning exist Web:

1- The mentality of some people with obstinate haste or, that do not understand what is the SEO really and how it is due to work of natural form.

2- Clients who are created very ready, contract SEO and once they arrive at the objectives and to the positions TOP they stop investing and they stop the service of blow. By all means when you are created readier than the Consulting SEO and that Google, you end up paying it.

What advice you would give your to improve the positioning Web?

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