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What Hosting WordPress I need

In this post I hope to solve the doubts of users who debate where to lodge their Web in WordPress at present, offering under my own experience a description of the advantages and more outstanding disadvantages between the systems of existing lodging Web.
If you look for hosting WordPress where to locate your Web perhaps this article serves to you as help or is on the awares to you.

When creating this post I intuit that many people look for in google: hosting for wordpress, although really if they knew the alternatives that vps or vps offers cloud, perhaps they showed preference for the second option, or perhaps no. Perhaps in order to desipar all this type of doubts insofar as lodging Web to choose, first it is to know the differences on hosting, vps and dedicated servant.

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Hosting or VPS, the eternal discussion

Opinions for all the tastes exist on the matter, it does few days read a post on the subject that made grace enough, because it was taken hold to the idea that the VPS is an unnecessary cost, since we could be saved a very valuable money contracting hosting (and with this we go exceeded). An opinion enough €œcutrecilla€, and that perhaps can convince to users with a low level of knowledge, but that is much of the reality.

A VPS has infinity of advantages, and even if we spoke sometimes of price it leaves almost the same or economic than some hosting. The only disadvantage when contracting a VPS is that you perhaps need a little more knowledge to realise his administration, although exist companies of rent of servers VPS who have very good and competitive equipment of support that they will do this simple and bearable work much more. In addition you will find settled VPS either with WordPress, gives of the ready machine for its use, without problematic headaches nor in the management or installation.
I reinforce this opinion to you with this post on 10 advice to contract hosting Web

Necessary Hosting for WordPress

So that our Web in WordPress works with normality in hosting, this it must at least have the possibility of creating data bases in him, and in addition to all this you must have an important consideration€¦ this company allows to parkear external domains? (now I will explain this carefully)

Experience with Hosting STRATO:
As system adiniatrator I always like to prove new companies for lodging Web, the alternatives always are good, and in the variety it is the taste and the knowledge.

Recently it gave me to try to STRATO, I contracted a pack of Hosting, my surprise arrived at the time of trying to point an external domain that it had bought previously in another recording agent, since this company does not allow to parkear domains that are not in strato, that is to say, if contracts hosting with them the domain has to be also located in this same account and company for everything works correctly.

Practically this means that if you have the domain in another recording agent you are forced to transfer your domain to strato, associating it with the account of hosting that you finish contracting, but in case that was not little they also acquire the domain transference to you before it is realised.

In conclusion, if you want a good recommendation contract GIGAS, and chooses something professional for your WordPress, so that you can secure to the objectives marked with your project Web, home by a good base of lodging Web wordpress or another anyone:
Gigas in addition 24—7 has a superb support, with answers of mails or called in time record, help in the migration and without permanence.

What lodging Web recomendais you?

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